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The mission of Edcouch-Elsa I.S.D. is to produce responsible graduates who can compete confidently in a dynamic global society by providing an individualized, nurturing educational foundation that draws strength from our community's spiritual roots and rich cultural heritage as we face the challenge of the new millennium.

Our goal is student success for every boy and girl at E-E ISD.  Always remember that education is the great equalizer.

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EEISD May 18, 2016
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Recent News:

PFC Millionaire Readers
Posted on 05/31/2016
EE Tradition Story
Posted on 05/27/2016
Latest District Promotional Video
Posted on 05/26/2016
Martinez Takes Home Bronze
Posted on 05/17/2016
After an Impressive 5:00.43 at the State Meet, Krysta has gone out with the medal she always wanted.  READ MORE...
Yellowjacket of the Week 5/17
Posted on 05/17/2016
This week’s Yellow Jacket of the Week is the Spanish Department (Mr. Segundo, Mr. Jara, Mr. Cardenas, and Ms. Cantu). This past week, the Spanish Department, help the high school remain compliant with the TELPAS end of year requirements by helping administration and staff with all of the necessary paperwork. Their relentless dedication helped fulfill all of the tedious requirements needed to be completed. Great job Spanish Department!  READ MORE...
Miss Castillo’s Kindergarten Class Practicing Addition!
Posted on 05/10/2016
JRG: Mrs. Adame's Students Learn Fractions
Posted on 05/10/2016
ECHS Wait List Lotto on 5/11/16
Posted on 05/09/2016
ECHS Wait List Lotto on 5/11/16 @South Building Cafeteria  READ MORE...
Pocket Flag Project
PFCDYMS National Junior Honor Society Pocket Flag Project
Posted on 05/06/2016
RCR STAAR Rally Video 2016
Posted on 05/06/2016
Motivational Video 
Krysta Martinez advances to State
Posted on 05/05/2016
Posted on 05/04/2016
Posted on 05/04/2016
Click link below to view video
Posted on 05/04/2016
Kailey Ibarra
LBJ Elementary: 1st Grade Student in AR Millionaire Club
Posted on 05/03/2016
LBJ is proud to announce our newest member to the AR Millionaire Club.  READ MORE...
LBJ Student Leadership Team
LBJ Elementary: Student Leadership Team
Posted on 05/02/2016
LBJ students selected to attend summer leadership academy. 
Yellowjacket of the Week 5/2/16
Posted on 05/02/2016
This week’s Yellow Jacket of the Week is none other than our long time Edcouch-Elsa High School registrar, Socorro “Suki” Garcia.  READ MORE...
Posted on 05/02/2016
Art Class at David Ybarra Middle School
Posted on 04/28/2016
Students at David Ybarra Middle School experienced creating a solar system using finger paints and spray paints in Mr. Garza's Art Class.   READ MORE...
Early College Applications
Posted on 04/26/2016
Power of Attorney Clinic
Posted on 04/26/2016
SGE: Teacher of the Year
Posted on 04/25/2016
PFCDYMS UIL Coaches for the Academic Year 2015 - 2016
Posted on 04/25/2016
PFCDYMS UIL Spelling Contestants
Posted on 04/25/2016
PFCDYMS Spelling Contestants 
Social Studies
PFCDYMS UIL Social Studies Participants
Posted on 04/25/2016
PFCDYMS Social Studies Participants 
Maps, Charts, and Graphs
PFCDYMS Maps, Charts, and Graphs UIL Participants
Posted on 04/25/2016
PFCDYMS Maps, Charts, and Graphs UIL Participants 
Math Calculators
PFCDYMS Math Calculator UIL Participants
Posted on 04/25/2016
PFCDYMS Math Calculator UIL Participants 
JRG: Mrs. Mosqueda Had Lesson On Bugs
Posted on 04/25/2016
Kelly Aguinaga & Krysta Martinez Girls Track Athletes Of The Week
Posted on 04/21/2016
Congrats to JJ Flores & Alex Segura our Varsity Boys Track Athletes Of The Week.
Posted on 04/21/2016
Mrs. Gonzalez Named Teacher of the Year
Posted on 04/20/2016
Congratulations to Mrs. Carla Gonzalez for being voted Teacher of the Year for Edcouch-Elsa High School.  READ MORE...
Pac Meeting
Posted on 04/18/2016
Attention: EEISD Families
Posted on 04/16/2016
Mr. Margarito Garza
PFCDYMS Teacher of the Year
Posted on 04/15/2016
Mr. Margarito “Mag” Garza has been the 6th Grade PFC David Ybarra Middle School Art teacher for the past 6 years.   READ MORE...
JRG: Sudents Learning the Number 6
Posted on 04/15/2016
JRG Early Childhood School Are Staying Healthy!
Posted on 04/14/2016
JRG: Language Arts Instruction With Miss Rivera’s
Posted on 04/14/2016
JRG: Century Club Readers & Top AR Readers
Posted on 04/13/2016
RCR's Teacher of the Year
Posted on 04/13/2016
RCR is proud to announce the 2015-2016 Teacher of the Year!  READ MORE...
JRG: Miss S. Sanchez Kinder Class Read Sight Word Books
Posted on 04/13/2016
Prime Time Reading At JRG
Posted on 04/13/2016
Edcouch-Elsa High School Forty Acres Scholars Recipient
Posted on 04/12/2016
Edcouch-Elsa HS Distinguished Scholar scholarship
Posted on 04/12/2016
CFT Symphonic Band & Concert Band UIL Concert
Posted on 04/12/2016
Congratulations to the Freshman Boys Track Team
Posted on 04/11/2016
Teacher of the Year
LBJ: Teacher of the Year
Posted on 04/11/2016
We are proud to announce L.B.J.’s 2016 Teacher of the Year!   READ MORE...
7th Grade Girls Win District Championship
Posted on 04/11/2016
Middle School District Meet Results 7th & 8th Grade Girls
Posted on 04/11/2016
CFT 2015-2016 Teacher of the Year
Posted on 04/11/2016
EEHS UIL Team wins Sweepstakes Academic District Title
Posted on 04/08/2016
Career Day held many exciting opportunities for F5.
Posted on 04/08/2016
Miss. Cantu's class traveled to Rancho El Charco
Posted on 04/07/2016
Varsity Boys Golf Team Takes District, Girls Place Second
Posted on 04/06/2016
Track Athelete Of the Week Bianca Cardenas
Posted on 04/05/2016
E-E Track Meet Of Champion Qualifiers
Posted on 04/05/2016
JRG Announces Mrs. Rodriguez Teacher Of The Year
Posted on 04/05/2016
JRG:Mrs. Perez’s Class Worked On Making Shadows
Posted on 04/04/2016
Art: Cubism and Kindergarten
Posted on 04/01/2016
Kindergarten students creating art work. 
JRG: Students Working Concept Applications
Posted on 04/01/2016
World Autism Awareness Day at JRG
Posted on 04/01/2016
RCR Elem Teaches Math and Reading in Unique Way
Posted on 03/31/2016
RCR’s 5th grade teachers ramp their instruction in a different kind of learning environment.  READ MORE...
JRG: Students Learn About The Ocean And Animals.
Posted on 03/31/2016
JRG Students Working on Subtraction
Posted on 03/29/2016
Happy wishes all students to do their best in the STAAR
Posted on 03/29/2016
Track & Field Athletes Week Of March 24, 2016.
Posted on 03/25/2016
Track and Field Results Week of March 11, 2016
Posted on 03/14/2016
JRG: Why We Celebrate Veterans Day
Posted on 03/14/2016
"Shattered Dreams" aims to prevent nightmares
Posted on 03/11/2016
On Friday,EEHS hosted Shattered Dreams, a one-day mock drill, complete with a simulated drunken driving accident, death and rescue.  READ MORE...
Great Job To E-E Track Athletes Of The Week
Posted on 03/10/2016
Edcouch-Elsa Varsity Girls Track & Field Team
Posted on 03/10/2016
KGBT Reporter Visits EEHS
Posted on 03/10/2016
Tiffany Huerta, a weekend anchor and reporter for KGBT News Channel 4, visited with students from Edcouch-Elsa High School on Thursday.  READ MORE...
Garcia Elementary's UIL Results
Posted on 03/10/2016
JRG: Students Learn All About Texas
Posted on 03/09/2016
JRG: 4th Six Weeks Perfect Attendance Winners
Posted on 03/09/2016
The Newest Addition to E-E Fieldhouse
Posted on 03/09/2016
JRG: Mr. Sabedra's Students Learn Subtraction
Posted on 03/08/2016
JRG students worked on stamping beginning sounds
Posted on 03/07/2016
JRG: Mrs. Ysquierdo’s Class Work In Different Centers
Posted on 03/07/2016
JRG: Mrs. Jalomo room H6 go on a Nature Walk
Posted on 03/07/2016
NJHS Induction Ceremony
Posted on 03/07/2016
The David Ybarra Middle School had its first induction ceremony for the National Junior Honor Society in which 21 students were inducted. The formal induction took place on Thursday, February 18, 2016 at the campus and recognized the accomplishments of these students becoming a part of this organization. The chapter members are looking forward to the opportunities to continue to serve their community and are also focused on maintaining their high academic standards.  READ MORE...
David Ybarra NHS Students Visit JRG
Posted on 03/07/2016
Weather D7
LBJ Elementary: Exploring the Weather
Posted on 03/05/2016
1st grade students explore the weather. 
Good Luck To Our Varsity Track Team This Weekend
Posted on 03/04/2016
NJHS Induction Night
Posted on 03/04/2016
Ms. Lares Main Idea
LBJ Elementary: Discovering the Main Idea
Posted on 03/04/2016
3rd grade students worked on identifying main idea. 
Congratulations to our Athletes of the week
Posted on 03/03/2016
Congrats Athletes of the week February 27, 2016
Posted on 03/03/2016
Logo Contest for Effective Border Schools Conference
Posted on 03/03/2016
Conference 2016 Logo Contest 
JRG Students in F1 Enjoyed Green Eggs and Ham
Posted on 03/03/2016
JRG Students in F1 Enjoyed Green Eggs and Ham  READ MORE...
LBJ Elementary: Building Champions!
Posted on 03/02/2016
LBJ Elementary wins sweepstakes at UIL meet. 
JRG Celebrates Dr. Seuss Birthday
Posted on 03/02/2016
Read Across America Week at JRG
Posted on 03/02/2016
RCR Elementary: Reading Across America
Posted on 03/02/2016
RCR students celebrates Dr. Seuss' birthday. 
RCR Elementary Participates in the U.I.L.
Posted on 03/02/2016
RCR students participated and placed in several U.I.L. events.  READ MORE...
Read Across America at S.G.E.
Posted on 03/01/2016
B3 Garden
LBJ Elementary: Growing Fruits & Vegetables
Posted on 02/29/2016
4th grade students create a fruit and vegetable garden.  READ MORE...
EEHS DECA Members Win State
Posted on 02/29/2016
On Friday, Feb. 26 The Edcouch-Elsa DECA team competed in the State finals in San Antonio. Six members of the team won state and are going to International in Nashville, Tenn.  READ MORE...
Yellowjacket of the Week 2/29
Posted on 02/29/2016
This week’s Yellow Jacket of the Week is math teacher Mr. Juan Romero. Mr. Romero is another outstanding teacher that goes above and beyond inside and outside of the classroom. Mr. Romero teaches students not only about math but, also teaches them about the importance of trying their very best. He is able to handle his extracurricular coaching and multiple preps including some in the same class period. He does a great job differentiating instruction. Way to go Mr. Romero!!!  READ MORE...
CFT hosted their first track meet
Posted on 02/29/2016
Texas Public School Week
Posted on 02/29/2016
LBJ Elementary: Making Healthy Food Choices
Posted on 02/24/2016
4th grade students at LBJ learn to create healthy meals.  READ MORE...
President's Day
LBJ Elementary: "If I were president..."
Posted on 02/23/2016
3rd Grade students write about what they would do if they were president.  READ MORE...
Edcouch-Elsa Estudiantina gets Division 1
Posted on 02/23/2016
On Saturday, Feb 20 2016 “LA ESTUDIANTINA DE EDCOUCH ELSA HIGH SCHOOL" competed at San Benito High School and earned a Division 1 for U.I.L. Congratulations to Mr. Navarro and the Estudiantina program.  READ MORE...
4th Grade and Figure 19
Posted on 02/23/2016
RCR's 4th Grade students working on Figure 19 activities.  READ MORE...
School Counseling: The Recipe for Success
Posted on 02/16/2016
National Counseling Week 2016. 
RCR's Newest A/R Millionaires
Posted on 02/16/2016
RCR Elementary honored four 5th Grade students who reached the A/R Millionaire status.  READ MORE...
RCR's 5th Grade Students Studied Owl Pellets
Posted on 02/09/2016
Science Lesson: Organisms and the enviroment. 
Math Guru Visits RCR
Posted on 02/08/2016
RCR students working on mathematical concepts.